The Woodturner's Workshop

A Sharpening System For Woodturning tools

Sharpe ing jig

This easily made sharpening system is made up of two jigs. One is a general jig for sharpening the full range of turning tools. The other is a jig for creating a long grind on gouges. The plans are made up of 12 pages of dimensioned diagrams, assemby views and step-by-step instructions.

The contents:

A. An adjustable jig for general sharpening
  1. Contents page
  2. General plan
  3. Jig: assembly diagram - sheet 1 of 2
  4. Jig: assembly diagram - sheet 2 of 2
  5. Jig parts - sheet 1 of 2
  6. Jig parts - sheet 2 of 2
  7. Step-by-step instructions
B. A jig for creating a long grind on gouges
  1. Diagrams and instructions - 3 sheets
The diagrams mostly take up a full A4 page; an example looks like this:

example page

The plans are supplied as a pdf file. Because this file contains a number of large graphics (like that shown above) it comes out at 469 KB, so it takes a couple of minutes to download. As a consequence it is best to download it direct to a folder on your hard disk (rather than into Adobe Acrobat in the browser). In Internet Explorer the file can be downloaded directly into the hard disk by right clicking on the link at the beginning of this paragraph. (In IE 5.5 choose 'Save Target As ..).

Adobe Acrobat Reader 4 is required to access these pages. This can obtained from

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