The Woodturner's Workshop

Bevel Angle Checkers

Here are two widgets to use for checking bevel angles:
1. A continuously variable bevel angle tester
2. A bevel angle tester with a series of fixed angles.

Widget A is composed of two parts: a movable pointer and a scale plate. Moving the pointer casuses the gap a t 'A' to open and close. The two parts are joined by a pin (or some form of rivet) at point 'B'. Illustrations of the widgets are shown below
widget1 widget 2
Variable bevel angle tester
Fixed angle bevel angle tester

Patterns for both widgets are given on another page. These should print out at actual size.

The easiest way to make the widgets is to glue the patterns on to some reasonably strong card (such as that from a cereal packet) and cut them out with a pair of scissors.

The patterns could also be glued on to another material (such as aluminium or brass) and used only as cutting guide. If ordinary PVA glue is used the paper can then be removed by soaking in water.

ⒸBrian Clifford (October 2000)