Woodturning activites

I took up woodturning in 1982. A lot has happened since then. I was a founder member of the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain and I have served on its National Committee and as chairman of the its Training and Education Steering Group. I have been instrumental in setting up two woodturning clubs and am past chairman of both the Hertfordshire and the Lincolnshire Associations of Woodturning. In January 2005 I was honoured by the Lincolnshire Association who appointed me as "the first Honorary President and Life member of the Association".

For a period I was editor of the 'Woodturner' magazine (published by Craft Supplies Ltd). I also wrote articles for the magazine on woodturning projects and associated topics. I have had a number of articles published in other magazines, namely: 'Practical Woodworking', 'Woodturning', and 'HolzWerken' (a German magazine. I have regularly taught night-school classes and weekend schools, given lessons in my own workshop, lectured and demonstrated from time to time.

I began this website sometime in the latter part of 1998. It has grown considerbly since then. I am pleased that it has provided me with an opportunity to pass on the knowledge I have gained from my years of woodturning.

Other experience

The first 11 years of my working life were spent as a draughtsman in the engineering industry where my apprenticeship took me through a wide range workshops and provided a wealth of experience. Following this I returned to full-time education, winning a state mature scholarship and a place at an Oxford college. After leaving the university I became an economist. I have a number of years experience as a lecturer in adult education, ten years as an economic advisor at the National Economic Development Office and have carried out research at Warwick University and the Engineering Industry Training Board.

I live in Lincolnshire, England.

Brian Clifford