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American Craft Council
The Art of Wood Turning

Ashby, Peter; Ashby, Thomas
Woodturner's Wooden Clock Cases (Plans)
Woodturner's Wooden Clock Cases : Designs, Plans and Instructions for 5

Bell, R.C.
Fun at the Lathe

Blandford, Percy
The Woodturner's Bible
Twenty-four Woodturning Projects

Boase, Tony
Woodturning Masterclass: Artistry, Style, Imagination

Boesel, Jim
Lathes and Turning Techniques

Bowen, Hilary
Woodturning Jewelry
Decorative Techniques for Woodturners

Bridgewater, Alan; Bridgewater, Jill
Woodturning Traditional Folk Toys

Brown, Emmett and Brown, Cyril
Polychromatic Assembly for Woodturning

Brown, Sam
Getting the Most Out of Your Wood Lathe

Cain, Tubal
Workholding in the Lathe
Milling Operations in the Lathe

Chapman, Bob
Woodturning: A Fresh Approach

Child, Peter
The Crafstman Woodturner

Christensen, Kip; Burnigham, Rex
Turning Pens and Pencils

Conover, Ernie
The Lathe Book - A Complete Guide for the Wood Craftsman
Turn A Bowl With Ernie Conover
Turning for Furniture

Cooper, Carolyn
Shaping Invention

Cox, Jack
Beyond Basic Turning

Ditmer, Judy
Basic Bowl Turning
Turning Wooden Jewellery

Darlow, Mike
The Fundamentals Of Woodturning
The Practice of Woodturning
Woodturning Methods

Duce, William R.
The Fine Art Of Small Scale Woodturning

Dunbar, Michael
Woodturning for Cabinet Makers

Edic, Martin
Profitable Woodworking (Spindle Turning)

Evans, John
Ornamental Turning

Fine Woodworking On:
Spindle turning
Faceplate Turning
Lathes and Turning Techniques

Francis, David
Turning a Bobbin

Frayling, Christopher
David Pye: Woodcarver and Turner

Gustavson, R
Creating in Wood with the Lathe

GMC Publications
Faceplate turning
Further Useful Tips For Woodturners
Essential Tips for Woodturners
Intermediate Woodturning Projects
Practical Tips for Woodturners
Practical Tips For Woodturners and Carvers
Spindle turning
Useful Woodturning Projects
Woodturning: Bowls, Platters and Hollow Forms
Woodturning Techniques
Woodturning Tools and Equipment Test Reports; Bk.1

Hobbs, Robert
Mark Lindquist: Revolutions in Wood

Hodges, Lewis
The Woodturning Handbook with Projects

Hogbin, Stephen
Woodturning: the Purpose of the Object

Holbrook, W
Contemporary Lamps

Holtzapfell, John Jacob
The Principles and Practice of Hand or Simple Turning
The Principles and Practice of Ornamental or Complex Turning

Hopper, Ray
Multi-centre Woodturning

Hunnex, John
Illustrated Woodturning Techniques
Woodturning: A Source Book of Shapes

Ingham, Bob
How to make a treadle operated wood-turning lathe

Irons, Phil

Jacobson, Edward
The Art of Turned Wooden Bowls

Jacobson, James
Small and Exciting Woodturning Projects

James, Gerald
Woodturning - Design and Practice

Jones, Bill
Notes From the Turning Shop
Bill Jones' Further Notes from the Turning Shop

Kauffman, Henry
Easy-to-Make Wooden Candlesticks, Chandeliers and Lamps

Key, Ray
The Woodturner's Work Book
Woodturning and Design
Woodturning with Ray Key

Klenke, William
Art of Woodturning

Lawrence, Terry
Turning Wooden Toys

Leier, Ray; Peters, Jan; Wallace, Kevin
Contemporary Turned Wood

Lincoln, William A
Complete Manual of Wood Turning

Lindquist, Mark
Sculpting Wood

Lukin, James
Turning Lathes

Macbeth, A
Woodturning for the Beginner

Marsh, Bert
Bert Marsh: Woodturner

Martin, Terry
Wood Dreaming, Spirit of Australia Captured in Woodturning

The Jane and Arthur Mason Collection
Turning Wood Into Art

Mortimer, Stuart
Techniques of Spiral Work

Nish, Dale
Artistic Woodturning
Creative Woodturning
Master Woodturners

Northcott, Henry
A Treatise on Lathes and Turning

O'Donnell, Michael
Turning Green Wood
Woodworker Guide to Woodturning

Ogden, Warren
Notes on the History and Provenance of Holtzapffel lathes
A Bibliography of the Art of Turning and Lathe and Machine Tool

O'Neill, Hugh
Woodturning - A Guide to Advanced Techniques
Woodturning - Manual of Techniques

Pain, Frank
The Practical Wood Turner

Phillips, Anne; Phillips, Bob; Yates, John
Make Money from Woodturning
Understanding Woodturning

Peters, Geoff

Plant, Oliver

Pye, Chris
Carving on Turning

Pracht, Klaus

Raffan, Richard
Turned-Bowl Design
Turning Boxes
Turning Projects
Turning Wood

Rebhorn, E

Regester, David
Great little Things to Make on a Small Lathe
Turning Bowls - Step-by-Step
Turning Boxes and Spindles - Step-by-Step
Woodturning - Step-by-Step
Woodturning - an individual approach

Roszkiewicz, Ron
The Woodturner's Companion

Rowley, Keith
Keith Rowley's Woodturning Projects
Woodturning: A Foundation Course
Woodturning Projects

Sainsbury, John
The Craft of Woodturning
John Sainsbury' Guide to Woodworking Tools and Equipment
Turning Miniatures in Wood

Sanders, Jan
Colouring Techniques for Woodturners

Seale, Roland
Practical designs for Woodturning

Sherwin, Reg
Pleasure and Profit From Woodturning

Sing, Dick
Pens From the Wood Lathe
Unique and Unusual Pens From the Wood Lathe
Useful Beauty : Turning Practical Items on a Wood Lathe
Wood Lathe Projects for Fun and Profit

Slater, David (ed.)
Woodturning Made Easy

Small, Tunstall and Woodbridge, Christopher
Mouldings and Turned Woodwork of the 16th, 17th and 18th Century

Southern Highland Handicaraft Guild (USA)
Rude Osolnik: A RetrospectiveRude

Spielman, Patrick
The Art of the Lathe

Springett, David
Woodturning Wizardry
Adventures in Woodturning: Techniques and Projects
Turning lace bobbins

Stokes, Gordon
Beginner's Guide to Woodturning
Manual of Woodturning
Modern Woodturning
Woodturning for Pleasure

Thorlin, Anders
Ideas for Woodturning

Time Life
Wood Turning

Walshaw, T.D.
Ornamental Turning

Weldon, David
Shapes for Woodturners

Woodturning Centre (USA)
A Selection of Papers from the 1993 World Turning Conference
International Turned Objects Show - Lathe Turned Objects

Woodworker Magazine(?)
"Woodworker" Book of Turning

Wooldridge, W

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